Thursday, May 22, 2008

tater tot or french fry

really what is the difference between a french fry and tater tot? i mean as far as i can tell, the difference is when you eat it. if its before 10.30 its a tater tot. after that its a french fry. and oh is round-ish.

Monday, May 12, 2008

bride, not a prostitute

yesterday was my last message at water's edge. i really love those people, and i really love the bride of christ. which got me thinking about something...

okay, i was thinking about how the consumer mindset has invaded (in some places taken over) the north american church. and this is exemplified by people (many so called christians) who use the church for what they want and then dump her. these consumers (or johns) go from church to church treating the bride of christ like a ***** (prostitute). and after they get what they want, they dump and go carousing for another. have they forgotten that Christ's church is his bride...not a woman of the night? or do they care?