Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More People more Like Jesus? Of course!

More People more Like Jesus? Of course!

Here's just some of why...

No life ever lived on this planet has been so influential in the affairs of men as that of Christ.

Through (Jesus) millions of people have had their inner conflicts resolved.

Through (Jesus), hundreds of millions have been lifted from illiteracy and ignorance and have been placed upon the road of growing intellectual freedom and control over the physical environment.

Jesus…. has done more to allay the physical ills of disease and famine than any other impulse, and (Jesus) has emancipated millions from chattel slavery and millions of others from thralldom to vice.

(Jesus) has protected tens of millions from exploitation.

(Jesus) has been the most fruitful source of movements to lessen the horrors of war and to put the relations of men and nations on the basis of justice and peace.

This is the influence of Jesus through his followers .... 

- taken from Kenneth Latourette's seven-volume history of the expansion of Christianity.