Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wisdom -- Follow Me

Street smart, common sense, has a clue, intuitive, emotionally intelligent... these get close to what the book of Proverbs means when it calls us to gain wisdom. Technically, wisdom is the right application of knowledge. We tend to admire knowledge and neglect the critical value of wisdom. Now the Bible celebrates knowledge. Smarts is good! But horse sense is even better! Knowing how to apply said knowledge, having wisdom, is the real treasure. We all know really smart people who do really dumb stuff! Knowledge acquisition is no guarantee that a person will have any clue how to relate to others, order their finances, manage time, or speak with tact (for example).

The ancient sages of the Bible esteemed wisdom highly because they saw a created order in the universe. They rightly perceived that certain moral principles governed human life. Therefore they implored their youth to know those laws (knowledge) and properly apply the principles (wisdom)so that they would have success in life. "He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; he who cherishes understanding prospers" (Prov. 19.8).

It's frustrating when we smart folk consistently find our lives hitting the "proverbial" brick wall. Here's the truth. It may not be because we lack knowledge, it may be that we are futilely attempting to defy wisdom. The Lord promises to instruct us, if only we will listen.

June 12 we will begin a series on the book Proverbs. Each Sunday through the summer we will be talking and learning wisdom from Israel's wisest King Solomon. The school of wisdom is now enrolling.