Tuesday, March 27, 2007

what is calling?

Today, I'm thinking about 'calling.' What is it to be 'called.' It certainly does not mean that one is the most talented, the most gifted, or even the best candidate for the task. I think being called is a spiritual tug that occurs when God appoints us for a task (that effects us mentally, emotionally, physically, and every other way..). Calling is a spiritual tug that draws us toward a certain action or task. That tug, if allowed, will jar us out of complacency, apathy, and will even conquer fear. Every fear. When I am called, the discomfort associated with inaction becomes stronger, and strangely, more terrible than any fear of risk that might accompany the action to which I am called. When I am called there is also a strange sense of "I must" that comes with it. I must go, I must do this, I must. And in one sense, it at first seems a bit egotistical, because when I am called there is a sense that "it must be me." "This is my job, this is my responsiblity, I must do it. I must go first, I must lead the way, I must lead others in following. David was not the most qualified, the most likley, the best suited for the job, but he had what others did not...calling. And that in the end, calling was more than enough...indeed calling was all it took to slay Goliath. Today I feel called. I pray you experience the majestic discomfort of being called.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

what is up with Sanjaya

I'm starting to get upset about this. I know you expect more spiritual ramblings from me right. Well maybe not. anyway, I can't keep it in any longer, "what is up with american idol?" What is up with AI audience. (hey ai was a city Joshua blew up...) but i digress.. the little girl on AI that they kept showed last night crying...I felt like her. I feel like her everytime I hear Sanjaya sing. I call him jakarta, i don't know why, just to irritate my 9 year old I think. But he is bad, its real bad. Nice kid I suppose, but bad. So what is going on? Any huntches? Here's what I think is going on. There is a college freshman at Harvard or some other Ivy League school, sitting in his apartment with a laptop, who has developed a software program that calls in a million calls per minute. And he is using his scheme to push jakarta, I mean Sanjaya, through. Okay, so its a stretch but I just can't believe what I'm seeing. It's unreal! That's all I've got today... would love to hear your thoughts....peace out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

capturing the heart of a harlot

I read this morning about Rahab... you know that woman in the bible who was a card carrying member of the world's oldest profession. I read about how she risked everthing, literally everything, to obey the one who had finally captured her heart.

I wondered....what does it take to capture the heart of a whore? God said to me...I don't know ask yourself what it takes to capture your heart. (I didn't know if Ishould be offended by that or not). For Rahab it was a story, actually stories. She heard the stories of one who loves with an unfailing love, who protects and provides for those he loves, and who welcomes those who long for true love, and knocks on the door to give, not take. When she heard that story, about that one, she fired the pimp, threw caution to the wind and ran into the arms of the lover of her soul.

And, that day, the harlot became a queen ....

Monday, March 19, 2007

he beat his... (donkey)

I read this morning a remarkable story...even for a follower of jesus, this is a strange story. A scorcerer is on his way to curse the people of god and his donkey won't let him go...so he gets off the saddle and starts beating the crap out of his donkey. That's not the stranger part...the freaky thing is he hears the donkey speak to him (why do I always here the voice of eore when Iread this story) any way... the donkey says, "dude we've been tight all these years why are you beating the heck out of me. Can't you trust me that there is something blocking the path." And oh yeah...the scorcerer dude answers the donkey- that's the stangest part.

If you can get past the spectacular parts of the story the truth will kick your...behind. The donkey sees what the man could not. I think of the times people have seen blocks and landmines and were trying to warn me, but instead of listening to them I beat them up. Maybe not physically, but I thought they were dumb or blind or shortsighted. When atually they saw what I could not see... yes, sometimes it's wise to listen to what the ...donkeys.... around us are saying. Sometimes they see better than we do...if I am too stubborn to listen to even a donkey then what does that make me? (rf. num 22.21-39)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Mutant Ninja Xtns

So the local xtn radio station asked me to speak at a promo they're doing for the release of the new kids movie- teenage mutant ninja turtles. they asked if I would give short devotional word before the movie starts... i said sure and so I've been thinking of what i might say. Let me run this by you feel free to tell me what you think...

I haven't seen the movie but I am willing to bet my $2.00 box of milk duds that the good guys win. i don't know that for a fact, but I am fairly certain the movie makers do not want the kids throwing the TMNT figurines in the trash at the conclusion of the flick. So the good guys will win. something else I can tell you about this movie I have never seen. There will likely be a point in the movie where it will look like the good guys might lose.

This is the easter season, and it is the time of year we are reminded that good will win...oh yeah, I mean...has won. there was a time in the plot of history that it didn't look that way. there were times when it looked as if it might be time to ball up and throw away all items marked with 'hope.' there are times in our own lives now that we aren't sure if good will win. but then easter comes around again, assuring us that, good wins, because God is on the side of good. and our spirit yells, "kowubunga, dude" . (jesus did the the kow-u-buga on the head of evil.) easter reminds me that people who cling to god will never loose. at the time the battle heats up, they mutate, find extrahuman strength...and kick all kind of evil butt.

Okay so that's all i've got for now....

Easter Headquarters

Yesterday I passed a rite aid sign. The sign said 'easter headquarters.' that struck me as strange.The land of kodak film, greeting cards, and pepto is now easter headquarters. I suppose they were referring to their easter merchandise. I guess they were saying that right there, at rite aid, one could get everything one needs for easter. easter headquarters. hmmm, i don't think I agree with that sign. most of what is essential about easter...well ALL that is essential about easter can not be purchased from a pharmacy. I mean really what use is foot powder to the resurrected christ or nasal spray or overpriced breath mints?
I think today I might go to rite aid and ask for the resurrection department. I bet they don't have one. sadly, many churches don't have that department either. but whereever/whenever that department is open, that's the real easter headquarters.


Avoided... I don't really like the feeling of being avoided. It really stinks. every timeI get that feeling I remember my most vivid memory of that feeling. I was a hot, good-looking, witty, successful, overweight, backward, third shift working security guard. she was a pretty, articulate, likeable nurse who took good care of my grandma in the hospitial. she also happened to live in the gated community where I was the night watchman. (can you say mismatch) anyway I got the fantasy to ask her out...I didn't really know how to do that...so I called her at work and had to explain to her who I was and why i felt compelled to call her at work. She was nice. It was weird!

Well, she never really wanted to go out with me...in fact one day I was working and I saw her approach the gate, and she must have been really late for work because she floored her taurus and nearly broke the gate down. she must not have known it was me in the guard shack because she didn't even look my way... it seemed to me there for several months she was always in real big hurry... I figured over time that she probably wasn't ready to date an officer of the law. then I got older and discovered what i knew then..she was avoiding me.

Do you ever feel that way? It sucks doesn't it? Even if your not being avoided, the feeling is not nice. Hey, for what it's worth, (and to me its quite a lot), God doesn't avoid me or you... he seeks us out and makes a point to say, "nice uniform."