Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Simple Plan to Become More Like Jesus

At Breiel Church our mission is to see “more people become more like Jesus.” If you want to be more like Jesus, here is a simple plan to follow. Commit to the following plan and you will be more like Jesus by the end of 2011.

1. Worship (Love)
Practice: Devotions
Frequency: Daily

Make a habit of doing devotions (Bible reading and prayer) every day, or at least most days. This will make your relationship with Christ personal and authentic. The daily devotional can be as simple as reading a few verses from the Bible and praying on your way to work. Making this a daily habit is vital to your maturation as a Christian.

Practice: Community Worship
Frequency: Weekly

Go to Church each week. Grow in your love for God by worshipping him along with the local Body of Christ. Weekly large group worship will lift you up and keep you encouraged.

2. Discipleship (Learn)
Practice: Small Groups
Frequency: Once Every Six Months

Participate in two discipleship sessions per year. This will deepen your knowledge of God’s Word as well as help you connect with other Christ-followers. Attend two discipleship classes per year (10-20 meetings). This will look different for each person depending on their needs. For example, your two discipleship sessions might be a (1) Fall Financial Peace University course and (2) Spring Bible Study. Or it could be an eight-week (1) Sunday night ULearn elective in the Fall and a (2) Summer small group. Or it could be two sessions of a Sunday morning class (Sunday School).

3. Serving (Live)
Practice: Serving
Frequency: Once a year

Obviously there will be times to serve more often than once per year. But make it a point to participate, at least annually in an outreach event. This could mean involvement in a local outreach event like serving the homeless or volunteering at a block party outreach. Or it could mean that you go on an overseas mission trip to Peru or Ecuador. Another option would be involvement in a special outreach production like a Christmas or Easter outreach event

There you have it, a simple plan that can help you become more like Jesus.
"Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."
2 Peter 3:18

Monday, January 03, 2011

Never Waste a Crisis

No one likes a crisis. I know I don't. Actually, I like to avoid them if possible. But here's my suggestion, if avoiding a crisis in not possible then for heavens sake don't waste it! I discovered that a crisis, though hard and treacherous at times to navigate through, provides golden opportunities. Some times these are once in a life time opportunities! Here are three good things a crisis can give you.
1. A crisis zooms us in what is most important. When you're in a crisis, you discover very quickly what is really important, what the real mission is, what the real purpose is.
2. A Crisis cuts through the bull. Few things reveal true attitudes, thoughts, feelings, movitations quickier and as clearly as a crisis situation. Often what we call crisis is merely bringing to the surface what has been lying below the surface all along. Thus, a crisis gives you the opportunity to deal with what's really going on and to understand what is really happening in the relationship, family, or organization.
3. A Crisis provides the opportunity for systemic change. A crisis, a real good one, will provide the opportunity to address and change long-standing, deep-rooted and systemic dysfunction in your relationship, family, or organization.

My advice, never waste a crisis!