Friday, March 21, 2008

hand stand push ups

a few months ago a friend turned me on to this workout program/philosophy ( now crossfit is awesome and i’m probably in the best shape of my life but i must tell you...there are some exercises in there that, if not done properly can turn boys into girls in a quite literal way or if you are lucky enough to survive an exercise done wrong you can still, and likley will have the baheegees embarrassed out of you.

okay so i’m working out this morning....and look i’m at a point now where i’m starting to feel pretty confident with it. but there are a few excerises i’ve been reluctant (okay scared) to attempt for the above mentioned reasons. and one of those i’ve been avoiding is the hand stand push up. it is exactly what it sounds like, you do a handstand with your legs braced against a wall, and you push up with you hands. kind of like a shoulder press standing on your head. so today i wake up and say what the heck its good friday, i’m going to give it a whirl- the hand stand push up. i completed my warm up and found a wall where I could lean my legs into.

Okay...break for a moment...have you ever been swimming laps and attempted one of those underwater rolls when you got the end. you know like the pros do. yeah...have you ever done one of those and been a little too close the edge of the pool and then like bang the happy out of your feet? you remember how embarrasing that was? do you remember maybe looking around, after you choked the water out of you lungs, to see if anyone was looking...yeah- that’s basically what happened to me about an hour or so ago. i was a little too close the wall when I did my roll, and nearly put a hole in the dry wall. the echoing thud got everyone’s attention and concern. i went on to something else after that...i was tired of doing hand stand push ups.

you know sometimes in our walk with Christ we try new things. like serving in a new ministry, attempting a spiritual discipline like fasting or meditation, or sharing our faith, or whatever...and sometimes we are little too close to the wall. but don’t let the thud discourage you...i will get another chance to do hand stand push ups, and i will do them!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ordinary today

man i'm tired this morning. between the cat stirring around my head, and the crazy wind/rain storm we had overnight, i slept maybe three hours. and then my three year old son wakes me up <6 screaming my name like he's on fire or something. i'm like, dude you have got to stop yelling my name like is not right. he said okay, but i'm not sure he's ready to give up the rebel yell.

i did meet a friend for coffee this am. that was good. good friends make bad days better. god speaks about the importance of friends, friends pick us up when we stumble, trip, or kick the dog. friends help us on days when we wake up getting yelled at.