Saturday, February 27, 2010

Indecisiveness is Failure

I was a boy scout in Troop 456. Once during a Scout-a-rama relay, my tenderfeet carried me up a 20' repelling tower. I was the most novice in the troup. When I reached the top, I took one look down at the earth below and froze with fear. We lost the relay. An early lesson that indecisiveness is failure. Patience and sober judgement- good. Indecisiveness (especially when the clock is ticking)- bad.

Frozen? Then decide, and the thaw will begin.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

About that Sex Talk Pastor

When you talk about Sex from the pulpit you get guaranteed feedback. One of the widows of the church met me at my office yesterday (Monday) morning. The Sunday talk was on her mind, and she had something to 'share.' Surely I had offended her. At least that's what I thought at first. But then she expressed how much she appreciated the sermon. She told me in precious terms how much she missed her late husband. The words are too dear, too sacred for me to disclose here. She just said how she missed everything about him. About how greatful to God she was for their love, for the many years they shared it. How she missed everything they did together. It was very touching. We both shed tears. God bless those who long for the special touch of their beloved.

I bought my wife flowers yesterday.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm an Artist that Can't Draw

I encountered this notion in a book I'm reading by Seth Godin called Linchpin. You see, I have never been able to draw very well. I suck at spelling too. But that's beside the point, back to drawing. Stick figures with smiley faces is about it for me. Ok, maybe a house too (a simple square with a triangle on top with a chimney, with squiggly lines for smoke). So I never considered myself very artistic. I can't really sing and sure can't dance. The Zumba class I attend with my wife on Thursdays is humilating proof of that. But not all artists draw. But they do all see. They see the world, they see people, they see hope, they see pain, they see how things are. They see how things could be better or at least that they need to be better. The artist's art is the ability to communicate what they see, to others. Conversing, painting, writing, singing, building, dancing, giving, serving- all canvases used by artists.

Are you an artist? Jesus came to open our eyes. He also said, he who has "eyes to see let him see." And he who can see let him draw or dance or speak or give or build or sing... It seems then, that Jesus came to make artists of us all.