Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sin Cheats

In 2 Samuel 12 Nathan the prophet, confronts King David regarding his adultery and murder. Nathan makes the point to show David how much God had graciously given him. David had been blessed. Nathan declares that God was willing to give him even more. But instead of seeking God, David chose to have his desires met outside the will of God. The results (as always) were devestating.

This text makes me wonder how often sin is the result of greed and selfishness. Like a spoiled child David wanted more and he wanted it now. He was unwilling to wait or seek God for what he needed. Greed and selfishness led to his sin.

Sin is often our attempt to meet our own wants/needs outside the will of God. Sin not only cheats us, it also cheats God. Selfishness, impatience, and greed cheats the "God who wants to give us more". Sin provides what we want but adds destruction. Conversely, God's Will provides what we need, multiplies joy and takes away the (minus) destruction.