Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DVR (Don't Veally Remember)

DVR (Don’t Veally Remember)

We like our DVR (digital video recorder). We weren’t exactly early adopters but we jumped on the bandwagon about six months ago. DVRs are awesome because, not only can you record your favorite shows digitally, you can also pause and rewind live TV. So when Michael humiliates himself on The Office, we can watch it over and over. Or when LSU pulls out a last second victory... say over Auburn, I can relive the moment as often as I want to. Oh...and with DVR you get to fast forward through the commercials. I really like that. Yes, the DVR is a pretty cool invention. It records events just as they actually happened.

I wish my mind were a DVR. But it’s not, or at least not a very good one. If my mind were being sold as a DVR people would want their money back. Sometimes I think it is a good DVR, but the truth is my mind rarely captures events exactly as they happened. And I’ve noticed something else. Unlike the DVR, the more time that elapses and the more often I play the events of the past back in my head, the more distorted they become. I’ve noticed this horror- my DVR (the one in my head not the one by TV) actually overwrites actual historical realities with my own perceptions of them (which are hardly ever the same thing). I have a DVR in my head too. But mine stands for (don’t veally remember). That’s why I need forgiveness and that’s why I must freely offer it to others. And so do you.

Lord thank you for your forgiveness. And thank you that when we confess our sins you wipe our mistakes completely off your hard drive so they are never accessed again. Help us to be more like you, and to rely on your grace for the power to forgive. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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