Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ordinary today

man i'm tired this morning. between the cat stirring around my head, and the crazy wind/rain storm we had overnight, i slept maybe three hours. and then my three year old son wakes me up <6 screaming my name like he's on fire or something. i'm like, dude you have got to stop yelling my name like is not right. he said okay, but i'm not sure he's ready to give up the rebel yell.

i did meet a friend for coffee this am. that was good. good friends make bad days better. god speaks about the importance of friends, friends pick us up when we stumble, trip, or kick the dog. friends help us on days when we wake up getting yelled at.

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Dios sigue siendo FIEL said...

Im agree with you, Jesus make the difference in our lives and each person that we know is a gift from God.