Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Irony about Living

What if the health of a person was directly proportional to their willingness to die? What if a church's health was directly proportional to its willingness to die? Here's what I think...I think both statements are true. The most alive people, the most spiritually alive persons are those who are willing to lay thier lives down for that which ultimately matters. Churches that are laying themselves down are the most vibrant communities on earth- feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, sharing the gospel, healing the hurting. Show me a sick, self-consumed (i want to be comfortable and happy), enemic, impotent church and I'll show you a church that has stoppped giving itself away. THey have shifted into survival mode. Here's what I think, I think we have been tricked. Tricked to believe thier really is a survival mode. But I don't really think there is a survival mode. Perhaps survival mode has really been mislabeled all along. Survival mode is more appropriately called burial mode. Here's the irony- be willing to die to yourself and live, or continuing living for yourself and you will surely die. Same for individuals, churches, communities, nations, ... Oh it's what Jesus said(ref. Matthew 16.25).

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paulwwww said...

Just wanted to comment on this weeks sermon. I am glad to see you came out of the closet on the homosexual lifestyle and the bibles interpretation, no pun intended. :-) However in the course of ones life amoung two consenting adults, none of my business, that's only my opinion though.

I think in our society there are many more pressing issues that a large denomintion such as this could help fight. I am very happy about what the youth mission is doing this week, what a great idea and hits so close to home, one very good step. I am happy that my daughter is a part of this initiative.

Would any of God's work include calling our state representatives on issues such as HR 1207, audit the federal reserve bill that Ron Paul has drafted. The actions of the Fed has played a large part in what we're witnessing in this current recession and previous recessions. Just a thought.