Friday, March 26, 2010

Jesus' Three Habits

Jesus had three simple habits. He "stood up to read the Scripture" as was his custom. Second, he "went into the mountain to pray" as was his custom. Third, "he taught them" as was his custom.

1. Daily Read the Bible. Spiritually mature people know the Bible and apply the truth of the Bible. Knowing the Bible comes from reading and hearing it. If you don't know much about the Bible you don't know much about Jesus.

2. Get Alone with God and Pray. The depth of one's relationship with God will remain shallow without private prayer. Intimacy with God grows through conversation with Him.

3. Pass it on. A proven way to retain a lesson is to teach it to someone else. A lesson learned but not taught is often forgotten. And therefore must be relearned.

(adopted from E. Stanley Jones, Conversations)

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