Monday, January 03, 2011

Never Waste a Crisis

No one likes a crisis. I know I don't. Actually, I like to avoid them if possible. But here's my suggestion, if avoiding a crisis in not possible then for heavens sake don't waste it! I discovered that a crisis, though hard and treacherous at times to navigate through, provides golden opportunities. Some times these are once in a life time opportunities! Here are three good things a crisis can give you.
1. A crisis zooms us in what is most important. When you're in a crisis, you discover very quickly what is really important, what the real mission is, what the real purpose is.
2. A Crisis cuts through the bull. Few things reveal true attitudes, thoughts, feelings, movitations quickier and as clearly as a crisis situation. Often what we call crisis is merely bringing to the surface what has been lying below the surface all along. Thus, a crisis gives you the opportunity to deal with what's really going on and to understand what is really happening in the relationship, family, or organization.
3. A Crisis provides the opportunity for systemic change. A crisis, a real good one, will provide the opportunity to address and change long-standing, deep-rooted and systemic dysfunction in your relationship, family, or organization.

My advice, never waste a crisis!

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