Wednesday, February 02, 2011

One Outstanding Student Loan

With our 16th Anniversary just days away I thought I'd re-post this in her honor. This was written to my wife Kristy upon OUR graduation from Asbury, 13 years ago.

From May 22, 1998
At times I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for the wonderful person I have married. This time in my life, when the sentiments are running high, I can’t help but express in words how much you mean to me. These past three years of our marriage have been nurtured in a place we have both grown to love. We have had celebrations –September 20th, and we’ve had disappointments- like when the couch wouldn’t fit! But through it all we have maintained our sense of humor and been willing to adapt to each situation.

As I prepare to walk the stage this Sunday I want you to know that you will walk with me. You, probably more than me, earned this degree. You deserve to be celebrated. It takes an extraordinary person to delay his or her own plans and dreams for someone else’s, like you have for me.

So as we look at paying back the monetary loans, let me assure you that I realize that there is yet one other outstanding debt to be paid. I hope that this down-payment of gratitude is a good start to my lifelong payment plan: a plan that includes honoring you, serving you, and never forgetting the hard work you have done to make this graduation from Asbury so meaningful.

May 22, 1998

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