Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Two Laned Path to Greatness

When it comes to making an impact for Christ, it seems there are two very important questions to ask.

1. Where are we showing up?
The ministry of presence is powerful. As a Church (as Christians) we have impact when we show up for events, outreaches, difference making gatherings in our community. So where are you showing up? Where you show up says a lot about what you care about.

2. What are we giving away?
Impact is made by our presence and what we leave behind in those places. The greatest impact on this world came through Jesus. And the coming of JEsus meant that 1) God showed up and 2) He gave himself away. God came to earth in the incarnate Son and gave his life as a ransom for sin for the entire world. His Church that continues to exists as the hands and feet of Jesus are at its best when it shows up and gives away compassion, grace, love, food, clothes, money.

So where are you showing up? What are you giving away? The way you answer those questions will largely reveal your impact for Christ in the world.

I'm grateful to pastor a church that shows up and gives away in our community! I'm convinced those two questions make up the two laned path to greatness in the Kingdom of God.

SOAP BOX: Too many of us in churches get it backwards. We judge our impact by how many show up for our stuff (our own church/denominational events, progams, services) and give us stuff (tithes, offerings, time). While gatherings have there place in accomplishing impact, I think this view is at best woefully inadequate.

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