Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leader Check List

Eight Questions in Identifying a Leader

1. Are they discontent?
A person with the leadership gift usually thinks s/he could do it better if only they were running things. Leaders are always looking to improve things and are often discontent with status quo. A constructive spirit of discontentment is found in the heart of Godly leaders.

2. Do they bring ideas to the table?
There is a difference between critics and leaders. Criticism is easy. Leadership is not. Like a critic, leaders see problems but unlike the critic the leader chooses to be part of the solution. Leaders find practical solutions to the problems they see.

3. Is anybody listening to them?
If people are paying attention to what "x" is saying. Then "x" is a leader. Identify those that others are listening to.

4. Are they respected by others?
Some people talk but are not respected. They are not leaders. Find those whose opinions and ideas carry weight because the person voicing them is respected.

5. Can they create and/or catch vision?
Not all leaders are able to cast vision, but all leaders get jazzed about possibilities. Their eyes widen when vision is spoken.

6. Do they show a willingness to take responsibility?
Leaders step up.

7. Do they finish the job?
Good leaders get-'r-done. They show perseverance and determination, not stopping until the job is complete. A quitter is not worth following.

8. Can they handle Criticism?
All leaders face criticism, doubt and questions. Leaders learn not to whimper every time people talk negatively about them. Followers are suppose to talk about leaders... you're the leader! If they aren't talking about you then you probably aren't leading them any where. Criticism is part of the price tag of leadership so tough mindedness is a must.

(adapted from Multi-site Church Revolution)

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Well said and so true!