Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Gospel of John

Irony. Paradox. Sarcasm. Symbolism. Double (and Triple) Meanings. Juxtaposition. With these John retells the events of Jesus’ life. One thing you can be sure of from the Gospel of John, there is always a deeper meaning beneath the surface. Always more going on than first meets the eye. John invites us to dig, uncover and ponder the Truth that permeates the actions and teachings of Jesus. You see the purpose of the Fourth Gospel is primarily theological, not historical. The main point isn’t the precise chronology of events in Jesus life, but the theological significance of those events. So John’s main point is not to merely detail where Jesus went and what he did when he went to a certain place. His main objective is to get his readers (us) to have our souls nourished by the bread of life and living water. He bids us into the spiritual deep in search of the life-giving (eternal) meaning behind Jesus’ words and actions. Ironically, John’s goal in highlighting all of the irony, paradox, and double meaning is crystal clear. His purpose for writing is so that all may believe in Jesus and by believing enjoy life in his name. Join us as we wade into to the deep for a truth search through the Gospel of John. Each week a diffent chapter. Each week a new discovery!

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