Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the bachelor and blink

(whispering) i watched the bachelor last night. it's the only episode of it i've watched all season, honestly. i lost interest in that show a long time ago. but i did watch last night's finale. blonde blevin got dishonorably discharged by the Lt. while tessa got promoted! it may help blevin's feelings to be reminded that these tv arrangements have an abysmal record. that's because "reality tv" is an oxymoron and people are always more attractive ib bright clothes, sipping a beverage on a gazebo in Hawaii! these eight week, on screen wife interviews are not so helpful.

i read a book a few weeks ago called "blink" it is about the split second decisions we all make. and how some people in a split second can make amazingly accurate judgement calls, about all kinds of things. that blink is sort of a leadership intuition. but the cool thing is we can learn to make really accurate quick calls about all kinds of stuff if we know what to look for. we all know that some people make really catastrophic split second choices, but the blink book suggests that is because they are observing and evaluating the wrong criteria. you see conventional wisdom suggests that if we spend a long time with someone we can learn more about them thus enabling us to make a sound judgement about them, when actually if we dropped by thier home and observed them for 30 minutes we would actually know more about what they are REALLY like...if we know what to look for.

now that could make an interesting television show... but then how would you run that for eight weeks!

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