Friday, May 18, 2007

in the does matter!

i like that song by linkin park, in the end ...doesn't get played in churches much. that's probably a good thing. but it is so honest, and i like honesty! i like this song because when i feel like i'm hitting obstacles in life, interference, or just resistence, it just expresses that frustration of trying so hard at something but failing. in football we used to have to pull sleds loaded with 50lbs weights. the resistence made us stronger...but sometimes the weight made us fall. But we got up, because the coach kicked us in the butt.

But i like that song, because ultimately i know in the the THE END... it all matters. And any failure...mess up...skrew up... no matter how large or small is never final. As followers of Jesus we pick up (or are picked up) and we push forward, because that is what Jesus does , and that is what leaders do, and that is what leaders who follow Jesus do...

oh and by the way...the fifty to seventy-five of you that are reading this, you totally rock!

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