Wednesday, August 20, 2008

olympic hangover

this whole deal is starting to catch up with me. i'm tired. i'm toting around an olympic hangover everyday for like two weeks. and its all from staying up late every night. its crazy. i got of bed this morning, tried to chip the sleep out of my eyes, and avoid tripping over the cat, but...lets just say i'm wearing my glasses and she didn't yelp too loud.
i think i have a problem, i think i'm like literally addicted to the olympics. i mean shawn johnson, i've watched enough hours of her that it feels like she's family, like my little sister (no i'm not old enough for her to be my daughter, at least in most states). anyway it will be good when china kicks us all out again, so i can go back to sleep. i am tired of sporting my gold medal hangover, even if they do play the national anthem at my award ceremony. this was random...i know...i told you i'm tired.

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