Wednesday, October 01, 2008

from one to many

a few weeks ago we had an installation service here at Breiel. and installation service is sort of the official 'wedding' of new pastor with congregation. it was a very special day. in that service, a friend Brent, shared about how God had worked things out on the church's side to lead them to offer me the position as lead pastor. it was very comforting to hear and sense god's orchestrating events and the process, but the comfort soothes at an even deeper level. becuase if I am convinced that God led in one area of life, could I not also find it believable that he would orchestrate events in another area of life. and if God were working last year to bring this together in my lifie, could it not also be possible that he is working right now to bring future events to fruition in my life. and if god is working right now in my life could he also be working in the lives of a few others to bring to fruition his plans for thier lives? And if God's is doing that in a few lives could it not also be possible that god is working right now to bring about his purposes in your it possible still that he is working to bring about his purpose for the lives of every person who calls on his name, greater still that god is working to bring his purposes for the entire world?

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