Saturday, November 01, 2008

anything else would be uncivilized

i think john the baptist used right guard deodorant (i'm sure he would need it). no really, i think he did. because all the crazy dudes do. i've come to this conclusion because i remember the old commercials, when they use to have all those ruthless football players, dressed up in tuxes, telling me that using anything else would be "uncivilized." i've read about john the baptist, and look, he was really different. i suspect he never even tucked his dress shirt in. in fact, i would be surprised if he even wore a shirt half the time. and yet as eclectic as he was, he was totally dialed in to what God was up to. he was a step ahead of everyone else when it came to sensing the activity of God in the world. jesus himself said of john that no other person got it, understood it, pursued it like john the baptist did. john was an example to others. i'm not sure how i feel about a shirtless wild man being my example. but then how i feel about it, really doesn't matter. it just matters that my opinion line up with God's opinion..."anything else would be"uncivilized."

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