Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"i was stoked when my peeps told me it was church time!" that's how i translate psalm 122:1 "i was glad when they said to me, 'let us go to the house of the Lord!". this ancient psalm is a song of ascent. it is one of the songs the Hebrew faithful would sing as they made one of the tri-annual trips up to jerusalem for worship. they literally ascended to a place of worship, climbing the 'hill of the Lord.' but even more powerful was the spiritual and emotional ascent the journey provided. it was uplifting, an ascent. our dream for breiel church is that it will be the most positive, uplifiting, hopefilled place in this entire region- the best in the WORLD at offering our community hope. our dream is that going to breiel, being around breiel people, is an ascent- spiritually, emotionally uplifting. i think we're getting there, just keep climbing. hope is stronger than fear.

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