Tuesday, December 02, 2008

shadow boxers and finishers

i arrived early for the race. earlier than necessary i would discover, but i wanted to be sure to get a parking place. so i arrived at 6.40a for the 8.00a race on thanksgiving day. this provided plenty of time to watch other people. one guy provided great entertainment. to observe him you would have thought this was the boston marathon and he was an elite runner. while i sat in my warm car, sipping my hot coffee, he bounced around outside his minivan stretching and jogging in place. at one time i might have been impressed by all of his activity, but i've seen enough of this that now i just chuckle. i just wanted to tell him to relax. did he really think he was going to win? not to pass judgement, but i could tell by looking that was not going to happen. so why all the anxiety and 'rocky-balboa-like" air boxing going on? in my mind only one thing could be more foolish than a middle-aged man jogging in place, in sub 20degree weather, beside his MINIVAN at 7am. only one thing more foolish, that i could think of...that woud be a middle-aged man at 7am, in his truck, WATCHING 'rocky' bounce around his minivan. i did see 'rocky' in the race, and passed him... but didn't say a word :-)

do you ever see people get all worked up over things that don't matter? it's really kind of funny, and sad. do they really think thier shaddow boxing will make a difference? in the race, the race to glorfy christ and make the world a better place, the mature will always pass the shadow boxers.... no need to say a thing, your finish will speak for itself.

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