Saturday, January 24, 2009

character barks

have you ever had an annoying cough, that tickle in the back of your throat that wont go away? yes...i've got one of those right now. and i've been playing this little game this morning... a little war between me and my cough. (i'm wierder than you think) this the game: i see how long i can keep from coughing. limbs squirming... eyes watering... neck pounding... it a sick and painful little game, and i'm really irritated because the cough always wins. doesn't matter how long i hold out the cough EVENTUALLY yells "i win" in the tone of a bark.

but i was thinking, our character is kind of like that cough. we can try to choke it back, hold back what's inside , but it will eventually come out. some folks are good at hiding it for a very long time, but good (and bad) character always finds an escape point. character barks!

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