Friday, January 30, 2009

Destructive Impulses

Four destructive (leadership) impulses

1. the impulse to believe the doubters

When times are tough, the voices of the troublemakers in our lives seem to get louder. When things are hard, it is good to know when to just ignore the criticism, the critics, the nay-sayers. When an area of your leadership or life is struggling, and the nay-sayers are telling you to throw in the towel, to give up, to quit, you have to know when its time to ignore them. Even, especially if the source of those voices comes from somewhere inside of you.

2. the impulse to make things happen

Have you ever had the pressure to make something happen? During difficult times, especially if you are in an area of leadership or responsibility, you feel the pressure, the expectation to make things happen. Do something. What are you waiting for? Just go. And people will even say, we don’t care what the rules are, just do something. Just go ahead. Avoid the impulse to make something happen.

3. the impulse to delight in another persons failure

In today’s economic climate there are many people who are suffering, who have lost jobs, lost positions, lost homes, lost pension. A lot of losers and not many winners in today economy. A sure way to displease God is to delight in someone’s failure or loss.

4. the impulse to make up (create) a word from God

During difficult times we must be careful because our internal fears and doubts, and static can interfere with our hearing from God. We can want God to speak on a particular issue so bad that we start creating a word from God. You want a certain job real bad, and all of sudden you hear God say, “yes that job is yours.” Or you want a certain thing or gadget real bad, “and you start hearing God say yes go get the iphone :) ” Or you want a certain outcome so desperately, you start using spiritual words to defend your very human desires. God told me… God wants me….God has promised me… God spoke to me. If untrue it can be destructive.

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