Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Misguided Concern

"Should I not be concerned about that great city- God." (jonah 4.9) This rhetorical question is really resonating with me today. It speaks of what is important to God and should therefore 'concern' his people. If you know the story, Jonah was far more concerned about his personal comfort than he was for the 120k souls who were completely unaware of the love, grace, and justice of God. In fact what triggered Jonah's anger was not the prospect of judgment falling on this sea of wayward husbands, wives, children, grandfathers and aunts...but rather he was infuriated that he would not be comfortable WHILE they were reduced to soot.

What a selfish mistake it is in the church when we get most outraged by our lack of comfort (it is not the music style, decor, dress codes, etc. that makes us comfortable)! It is sad but true that many churches spend the bulk of their energy and resources making themselves as comfortable as possible for the "light show." Instead of really have a concern for the poor, the lost, the lonely, they fret like an unruly guest at a customer service desk-demanding 100% guest satisfaction. Today I'm reminded that God's concern is more for the lost of the world, than he is about my personal 'comfort.' In fact it isn't even close.

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