Saturday, July 11, 2009

Surprise Doping Test

I'm following Lance Armstrong's tweets. During this 2009 TdF, this has provided an interesting perspective on the anti-doping methods of pro cycling. For example, one tweet describes Lance and the Astana team eating breakfast, the next moment he's peeing in a cup for a screener. Interesting after each test, Armstrong says of these random screenings...this is good. He says that in light of the horrid reputation cycling has had with performance enhancing drugs, well cheating. So to that degree it's good, to keep people honest. This got me thinking about what it would be like if Christ followers, those claiming to be competing on Jesus' team...what if we were random screened to see if we were for real or not. Are we really living out this life we claim to live or are we cheating. I mean the church too has been blemished through the years by people cheating. So random testing..who knows this could be good. Problem is there's no one qualified to give the test, because we've all cheated at one time or another...all of us except one.

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