Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Church, the Soil is Ready for Planting

Breiel, the soil has been turned over. A hardened layer has been broken, the moist soil beneath has been brought to light. The work before us now is remove the weeds that have held us back, and in their place plant God's good seed. Last Sunday, God moved powerfully at Breiel Church. Because we confessed and repented, God turned over the soil. It was painful, but incredibly refreshing. Everyone there knew that God had done a work. Now is not the time to remain idle, instead we must get busy planting the seeds of unity, peace, righteousness.. you know, all the Galatians 5 - Fruit of the Spirit stuff. Remember that turned soil left untended will quickly be over run with aggressive weeds and thorns.

We plant the Fruit of the Spirit through prayer and through righteous actions. To see the harvest God has dreamed for us, we each must understand who we are- Commissioned Holy Spirit farm hands called and equipped to tend this field. God has done the hard work, now let us each do ours for the glory of His name. You in? I am.

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