Friday, April 11, 2008

pop goes the ..

You’re all invited to a day some time soon when I utterly annihilate a household good. I don’t know... I may blow it up.... or I may shred it into itty bitty bits...oh, I know I might run over it with my 4x4 Expedition... or even burn it with lighter fluid. The possibilities are endless. I don’t know if I’ve ever detested anything more. Being a person of the cloth, I know its risky being so honest about my feelings here. But you are probably going to find out when I blow it up anyway, so you might as well take cover now.

Okay so really, I hate (for your more spiritual ones remove “hate” and insert “strongly dislike”) our trash can. It’s a cheapo junk pit with an attitude. It’s not so much her body, it’s her face! The can is okay, but the lid really chaps me! It just WILL NOT stay shut. Literally, I throw my Mill Stone grounds in, push the lid down, and it pops right back open. Some days I stay there for hours trying to get it to shut up.

You know me...I see metaphors in cream of wheat so it shouldn't surprise you that I see one in annoying trash cans...see if this is a stretch.. Our junk just never stays concealed for long. Junky attitudes, stinky prejudices, slimy speech....if it’s in there, it has a way of being revealed. So when the lid pops, make sure its good inside.

Now please, back up....she’s about to blow!

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