Wednesday, April 30, 2008

sticky dots

i've got this stuff in my hand. i've never seen it before and it's hard to describe. it came to me in a promotional packet from the Catalyst conference. it looks like dip n dots ice cream. at least the little dots are about that size except these are kind of like styrofoam, but i am fairly certain, for the sake of the baby whales, they are not styrofoam. the little dots stick together, buts its not sticky on the it doesn't get your hands sticky. and so you can form this clump of dots into anything you want. that is, if you had any skill for that kind of thing...i make mostly snakes.

but i was thinking...that little clump is like the body of christ. all these members sticking together, able to morph into what ever god needs done in or for the world and for the glory of his son. and we aren't even sticky, no yucky residue and we're environmentally friendly ;) (ref.. 1 Cor. 12)

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