Monday, April 22, 2013

April 21 Weekend Recap

Four Cool Things From this Weekend

1. "Kallos"
All day Saturday student ministry volunteers spent pouring into the lives of dozens of middle school girls. The girls were primped and pampered and made to feel very special...because they are! Great job everyone involved in that great event. As a dad of one of those girls I say a special 'thank you.'

2. If you like this you'll love the 11:59 service
Great gospel centered worship this past Sunday in all three services. A refreshing, extended time of quiet reflection in the 9 and 10:30 services, and an energetic passionate offering of worship in the 11:59 service. Let me encourage you, if you haven't yet, come and check out the 11:59 service. Yes, its a little bit louder, its a little bit later in the day, and it's a little bit more rockin'. If you like Passion worship you'll love it. Invite a friend!

3. Leader's Gathering
We shared several yeah God stories from the Easter season. All I can say is God is on the move. If you want to be 'in the loop' don't miss the next Leader's gathering this summer.

4. Sermon in a Sentence
"You were chosen to bear (not produce) fruit for your overflowing (play-ro-o) joy and for the Father's glory."

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