Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Gospel Coalition

3 Observations and a Concern from the last few days at TGC.

1. They aren't Coming cuz' they are Already Here.
There is now here a young mutli-ethnic generation of (tens of thousands) Pastors who are passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are from every US state and continent around the globe. And they are committed to the gospel.

(So many young diverse pastors. I personally spoke to or saw Africans, Chinese, Koreans, Europeans, Candadians, and Brazilians). And when's the last time you saw at a pastor's conference -a large area reserved for nursing mothers! Imagine a pastors conference with more babies crying than hearing aids chirping. It's happening!)

2. Mission Passion.
There is a rekindled fire for missions that is driven by a belief that the (Gospel) Good News is the joy of all nations. There is a desire to see the world reconciled to God in Jesus Christ.

3. The Cross Before Me.
There is an unashamed, unapologetic resolve for the proclamation of the literal death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. There's no percieved need of trying to conceal the cross, rather to lift it high for all peoples to see and believe.

My Concern.
I am concerned for the tribe I most often rub elbows with- Wesleyan/holiness people. Most of us are still working on perfecting our worship styles, and being missional (which too often only means being nice). And sadly many in our tribe still avoid 'preaching.' We prefer "relevant talks with overarching moral principles." I pray my tribe doesn't miss the renewal taking place. There is a wave of the Spirit that is lifting up the proclamation of the simple and most effectual Gospel. That message our great grandparents spoke about. Remember it? -The Glorious Greatness of God. -The Depravity created by and result of Human Sinfulness. -The All-Sufficient Redemption brought through the atoning cross of Jesus Christ. -And God's guaranteed Promise to Restore of all Things under the Feet of Christ.

Thank God for the move of his Spirit on the Gospel. Please God, awaken my tribe.


Hidden Waterfalls said...

I appreciate your concern and agree! Thanks for keeping us thinking about how our theology affects us!
...but I cannot jump on board with neo-reformed theology (seemingly foundational to the Gospel Coalition). I'm hanging on to my Wesleyan and Anabaptist roots. Each position does have its unintended consequences,though, so keeping them in dialogue is our only hope for right belief lived out in right practice.
(I guess I really miss being in school!)

Terry said...

Thank you for your remarks. I'm not hoping for a total adoption of TULIP theology (though I must admit my vanilla theology has been immensely enriched by the biblical insight I've gained (gain) from the likes of Piper, Carson, Chandler, Driscoll, etc.). What I do find myself longing and praying for is to see in our tribe the same kind of enlivened and unashamed dedication to the Gospel that I see from the folks at TGC (and T4G for that matter). That over-against what is the norm in the holiness traditions these days- a devotion to some "relevant Kingdom ethic." Which is really nothing more the nice stuff Jesus said minus his cross/resurrection and those embarrassing claims to divinity. Lord save us.