Monday, April 15, 2013

'Do Something' Weekend

Weekend Recap
What an amazing weekend! Special thanks to the "Do Something" team for organizing a great event Sunday.

50 Thousand Healthy Meals on their Way to Nicaragua
Thanks to everyone who helped to prepare meals. The event was a tremendous success! Not only did you accomplish the goal of 50K meals, you did it with a great servant attitude. Thank you for enduring with patience the packed hallways, and at times a little bit of chaos, to make a big difference in the lives of children in Central America. Bayside, you rock!

Local "Do Something" Projects
Thank you to all who planned and showed up to volunteer Saturday for local projects - mission smile, Pinellas Hope, and Matie Williams.

Sunday's Worship Services
We are greatly encouraged by the three worship services. God continues to bring new people each week. And all 3 services increased this week from last. God is working through our prayers. The third service is providing more room at the 10:30 service and is offering a more guitar-driven, "passion-style" worship experience. People who attend are loving it....the pizza afterwards is a plus too

Reminder: Leaders' Gathering this coming Sunday 5-7pm.
Sunday night we will recap some of the big wins God has done though Bayside throughout the Easter season. You'll hear "yeah-God" stories from each of our pastors. The purpose of these gathering is to be reminded of the vision, encouragement each other, and celebrate what God is doing.

Message Recap
Sunday we talked about remaining in Jesus, who is the true vine. The points we covered from John 15 were:
1. Jesus is the true vine.
2. God the Father is the Vinedresser.
3. We (Christ-followers) are the Branches.

God wants us to bear fruit for the Father's glory and for our complete joy! May your joy be "play-ro-o" (filled to the brim, overflowing) in Him, today.

>Pastor Terry

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