Thursday, February 12, 2009


Beginning on March 22, 2009 Breiel Church of God is making a dramatic shift in the way it approaches worship. For years Breiel has offered a blended worship experience.

Understandably, if you haven’t been around church the term “blended” sounds like something having more to with a frozen beverage than a worship experience. Basically the blended service has been the Christian Church’s attempt to mix traditional with modern elements of worship. Across America churches have had varying degree of success (and failure) with this approach. Honestly, Breiel has done better, for longer than many. But we want to do better, and we are certain we can do better. We be honest we want to be the best in the WORLD at offering our community HOPE. It is this calling that has convinced us that now is the time to become a church that will reach more people by giving persons a choice between two experiences.

So beginning 3.22.09 at 10.40 am we begin the adventure of faith. We will begin offering simultaneous yet totally unique worship services.

The Experiences

#1 The Annex will be our more laid-back worship environment. This venue will be located in gym, have a coffee bar and chair seating, with music led by our rockin’ house band. Worshipers are free to enjoy some coffee or snacks during service.

#2 The Sanctuary will be a top quality worship experience utilizing an array of traditional elements. Musical selections include choir pieces, classic hymns, gospel favorites, and cherished choruses. This worship venue is located in the main sanctuary.

If you’re tired of the same old, you have found a community that shares you’re feelings. If you think it is absurd that grandparents can’t worship at the same church as their grandkids, we’re with you. If you think the argument over what is appropriate to wear to church is a tired, irrelevant, and annoying discussion, we’re with you. If you just want to seek God without the drama, then we’re with you. If you don’t like church, but think Jesus is pretty cool. We understand. And we are with you.

You are invited to join us on this journey, be a part of the next chapter of Breiel Church. Let’s all see if we can become a community of unparalleled hope and optimism. Prepare for launch, 3.22.09!

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