Saturday, February 21, 2009

the difference making conviction

When I read the epic MADE story of the book of Nehemiah it seems that on each page (at times plainly written and other times you just feel it there)is this passion. In the backdrop of this extraordinary story is a passionate conviction, and that conviction keeps them moving forward, keeps them in the game, keeps them working and pressing on, fuels their pit-bull like tenacity.

I think when we have this same conviction, then it will do wonders for us too. The conviction that stood as a backdrop to Nehemiah’s work; the gut level, the heart level belief was this- this was God's work!

I really don't think its possible to overstate how critical this is. When we know that we are doing the work of God, when God is in it, it makes all the difference in sticking with it and following through. Nehemiah and the people were absolutely convinced this was the case in their work on rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, and they finished the work- in 52 days!

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paulwwww said...

I have seen you talk a few times and agree with most things you say. Even though your conclusions would be just as good without the need for a supernatural cause/effect/purpose, however you'd like to put it. I am also greatly impressed with the outpouring of kindness that I have experienced at Breiel, and that's why I will come back and help wherever I feel I can.
On another note, I feel with your ability to move people that maybe this discussion could move to a new level. One in which you could convince the masses to fight back a little in respects to the unfair economic policies that have plagued so many lives. Passivity is not the answer in such troubled times, not that I invoking violence, but a political fight against the powers to be. This fight is an intellectual one that requires action from the masses, one that someone with your level of experience can help to fight.
Saying this and spelling out the how-to is next to impossible, I wouldn't know how to orchestrate that, but feel a little more than a passive stance is in order.
Just my two cents, for what it's worth.
Thanks for listening.