Saturday, February 07, 2009

its just that simple

i think it’s a consistent human mistake to make simple things overly complicated while complicated things overly simple. nowhere is this more applicable than to the issue of poverty and wealth. as Christians, our theology has to be sufficiently inclusive (complex) to see God’s special love for the righteous poor, and the special place the righteous rich play in God’s plan as well. it seems to me that it is too simple (and untrue) to believe that God loves the poor and hates the rich, or that God loves the rich and that poverty is God’s curse. That’s too simple.

the gospel is good news for all people. good news for those who work under me, and for those who sign my paycheck. the gospel is for those who can afford a Bently and is equally extended to the one who peddles a bike with a basket, on a dirt road. Christ is good news for stock broker on Wall Street and the stock boy at Walmart; the employer, the employee; the underemployed, and the unemployed. The gospel is for broke carpenters and raw and uncultured sheep herders, and the gospel is for powerful kings and prosperous magi. The gospel is for the outcast and for the privileged, its just that simple.

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Hazel said...

this reminds me of a church I drove past last week. There were signs all along the front and up the driveways--"teachers welcome", "farmers welcome", "dentists welcome", "lawyers welcome", "students welcome"--and on and on--it made me feel like going in!