Tuesday, February 10, 2009

guinea pigs with capes

my preschool son loves this nickjr show, he watches its regularly. i on the other hand, am rereading a good little book called the way of the shepherd. in the book the authors point out that there are two main questions followers ask of their leaders. 1. does s/he know what s/he's doing (knowledge and competence)? 2. Can I trust him/her? People will forgive a leader who fails from time to time with the first, but failure to establish and maintain the second (trust) means a person's leadership is basically over. Of course trust and competence are connected. if a leader consistently proves to have knowledge and skill, then trust goes up in thier ability to deliver. if on the other hand the leader can cast life-like vision, but doesn't deliver the goods, then it won't take too long before the vision stuff starts to sound like a Wonderpets episode. "wonder pets, wonder pets, we're on our way to save _________ and save the day..." blah blah blah i suppose the point is that a leader without competence and trustworhtiness is little more than a guinea pig with a cape.

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