Friday, March 16, 2007

Mutant Ninja Xtns

So the local xtn radio station asked me to speak at a promo they're doing for the release of the new kids movie- teenage mutant ninja turtles. they asked if I would give short devotional word before the movie starts... i said sure and so I've been thinking of what i might say. Let me run this by you feel free to tell me what you think...

I haven't seen the movie but I am willing to bet my $2.00 box of milk duds that the good guys win. i don't know that for a fact, but I am fairly certain the movie makers do not want the kids throwing the TMNT figurines in the trash at the conclusion of the flick. So the good guys will win. something else I can tell you about this movie I have never seen. There will likely be a point in the movie where it will look like the good guys might lose.

This is the easter season, and it is the time of year we are reminded that good will win...oh yeah, I mean...has won. there was a time in the plot of history that it didn't look that way. there were times when it looked as if it might be time to ball up and throw away all items marked with 'hope.' there are times in our own lives now that we aren't sure if good will win. but then easter comes around again, assuring us that, good wins, because God is on the side of good. and our spirit yells, "kowubunga, dude" . (jesus did the the kow-u-buga on the head of evil.) easter reminds me that people who cling to god will never loose. at the time the battle heats up, they mutate, find extrahuman strength...and kick all kind of evil butt.

Okay so that's all i've got for now....

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