Friday, March 16, 2007

Easter Headquarters

Yesterday I passed a rite aid sign. The sign said 'easter headquarters.' that struck me as strange.The land of kodak film, greeting cards, and pepto is now easter headquarters. I suppose they were referring to their easter merchandise. I guess they were saying that right there, at rite aid, one could get everything one needs for easter. easter headquarters. hmmm, i don't think I agree with that sign. most of what is essential about easter...well ALL that is essential about easter can not be purchased from a pharmacy. I mean really what use is foot powder to the resurrected christ or nasal spray or overpriced breath mints?
I think today I might go to rite aid and ask for the resurrection department. I bet they don't have one. sadly, many churches don't have that department either. but whereever/whenever that department is open, that's the real easter headquarters.

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