Friday, March 16, 2007


Avoided... I don't really like the feeling of being avoided. It really stinks. every timeI get that feeling I remember my most vivid memory of that feeling. I was a hot, good-looking, witty, successful, overweight, backward, third shift working security guard. she was a pretty, articulate, likeable nurse who took good care of my grandma in the hospitial. she also happened to live in the gated community where I was the night watchman. (can you say mismatch) anyway I got the fantasy to ask her out...I didn't really know how to do I called her at work and had to explain to her who I was and why i felt compelled to call her at work. She was nice. It was weird!

Well, she never really wanted to go out with fact one day I was working and I saw her approach the gate, and she must have been really late for work because she floored her taurus and nearly broke the gate down. she must not have known it was me in the guard shack because she didn't even look my way... it seemed to me there for several months she was always in real big hurry... I figured over time that she probably wasn't ready to date an officer of the law. then I got older and discovered what i knew then..she was avoiding me.

Do you ever feel that way? It sucks doesn't it? Even if your not being avoided, the feeling is not nice. Hey, for what it's worth, (and to me its quite a lot), God doesn't avoid me or you... he seeks us out and makes a point to say, "nice uniform."

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