Tuesday, March 27, 2007

what is calling?

Today, I'm thinking about 'calling.' What is it to be 'called.' It certainly does not mean that one is the most talented, the most gifted, or even the best candidate for the task. I think being called is a spiritual tug that occurs when God appoints us for a task (that effects us mentally, emotionally, physically, and every other way..). Calling is a spiritual tug that draws us toward a certain action or task. That tug, if allowed, will jar us out of complacency, apathy, and will even conquer fear. Every fear. When I am called, the discomfort associated with inaction becomes stronger, and strangely, more terrible than any fear of risk that might accompany the action to which I am called. When I am called there is also a strange sense of "I must" that comes with it. I must go, I must do this, I must. And in one sense, it at first seems a bit egotistical, because when I am called there is a sense that "it must be me." "This is my job, this is my responsiblity, I must do it. I must go first, I must lead the way, I must lead others in following. David was not the most qualified, the most likley, the best suited for the job, but he had what others did not...calling. And that in the end, calling was more than enough...indeed calling was all it took to slay Goliath. Today I feel called. I pray you experience the majestic discomfort of being called.

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