Monday, March 19, 2007

he beat his... (donkey)

I read this morning a remarkable story...even for a follower of jesus, this is a strange story. A scorcerer is on his way to curse the people of god and his donkey won't let him he gets off the saddle and starts beating the crap out of his donkey. That's not the stranger part...the freaky thing is he hears the donkey speak to him (why do I always here the voice of eore when Iread this story) any way... the donkey says, "dude we've been tight all these years why are you beating the heck out of me. Can't you trust me that there is something blocking the path." And oh yeah...the scorcerer dude answers the donkey- that's the stangest part.

If you can get past the spectacular parts of the story the truth will kick your...behind. The donkey sees what the man could not. I think of the times people have seen blocks and landmines and were trying to warn me, but instead of listening to them I beat them up. Maybe not physically, but I thought they were dumb or blind or shortsighted. When atually they saw what I could not see... yes, sometimes it's wise to listen to what the ...donkeys.... around us are saying. Sometimes they see better than we do...if I am too stubborn to listen to even a donkey then what does that make me? (rf. num 22.21-39)

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